Bienvenue sur Raidlight Trail Xperience

The aim of this project is to bring together as many trails as possible nationally, so that they can be referenced on our website and our mobile application, and thus make themselves known to everyone. The trail areas that will trust us will benefit from DIGITAL communication, under the Raidlight brand, which has a strong image in trail running. This concept aims to bring together under one and the same platform, the whole route, by offering tracks in all regions of France. Tourists, travelers, regulars, locals and even people from other countries will be able to choose their future destinations according to the tracks or routes they have selected in advance.

Developed in partnership with YOOMIGO, the concept is available both on a website and on a smartphone application available on Android and Apple.

Téléchargez l'Application Raidlight-Trail-Xpérience

Profitez de tous les parcours de Trail dans votre smartphone afin de bénéficier de nombreuses fonctions : 

  • Localisez-vous en direct sur le tracé du parcours
  • Retrouvez les topos détaillés lors de votre sortie et téléchargez les données pour un accès hors ligne
  • Profitez des cartes IGN détaillées et ajoutez vos chronos sur les parcours. 

You are a runner, and you want to add and make known one of your favorite courses, click here.

You are a community, and you want to add your marked trails, improve awareness for your area, and partner with Raidlight, a trail pioneer brand, send an email to